One byproduct of the Internet age is a new term: Infobesity. This refers to the difficulty of understanding an issue and effective decision-making when there is too much information available. Such is the age we live in. Too much information but not enough wisdom. And in politics, it has become difficult to separate news from entertainment and policy from politics.


American Outlook provides citizens an opportunity to focus on solutions rather than us-versus-them wrestling matches.  And since the lionshare of solutions come from America’s heartland, you’ll read more about reform-oriented governors than inside-the-Beltway tales of who’s up and who’s down.


America’s founders took a big risk.  Rather than placing their trust in the state, they put power in the hands of citizens.  This will only work when our citizenry will be informed and engaged. American Outlook takes dead aim at this mission.  Our authors will concentrate on issues such as gubernatorial innovation, social enterprise, and America’s role in the world, but each article will be written for the thoughtful patriot.


Borrowing a bit from the British tradition, American Outlook seeks to be an open PPE (that is, Philosophy, Politics, and Economics) classroom.  These three academic disciplines are considered essential material for the UK’s prime ministers.  We likewise consider this type of material essential reading for America’s educated citizenry.