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The United States is and always has been a nation of innovators and problem solvers. American Outlook believes that our nation’s present challenges demand the same innovative spirit that defines our past. Therefore, while paying particularly close attention to the heartland—where many of the greatest policy reforms and most significant innovations have occurred—American Outlook seeks to highlight the boldest and most effective reformers.
Although we are proud to feature reformers in all fields and in both the public and the private sector, we are especially interested in America’s governors. Informed by both our nation’s history and our own experience, we believe that reform-oriented governors will continue to be the most consequential set of political leaders in America’s future. Consequently, American Outlook features these patriotic executives in each edition. In addition to reading our Q&A’s with some of the most innovative governors, please follow our Battleground States Blog for the latest examples of bold and reform-minded innovation.


Governor Q&As

Mackinac Policy ConferenceMackinac Policy Conference

Mackinac Policy Conf pic 2Mackinac Policy Conf pic 2

Mackinac Policy Conf pic 3Mackinac Policy Conf pic 3

The Detroit Regional Chamber hosts the annual Mackinac Policy Conference to help guide Michigan policy, economic development, and social innovation in the year ahead. Please click here to read more about the conference as well as Sagamore’s commentary.

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JP Morgan Impact

Relentless Positive Action

The Detroit Revival

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the new american heartland pic1the new american heartland pic1

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The New American Heartland – Manhattan Institute

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Edward Glaeser’s Presentation

The New American Heartland Event Booklet

City Journal

Reagan In The Midwest